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Become The Best Personal Injury Healthcare Network

Personal Injury Patients (Victims) require a whole team of professionals to help them through the legal, medical, and financial impact caused by their injury.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging (AOI) and our Healthcare Network help the injured find Personal Injury Attorneys, Healthcare Providers, Treatment, and related Financing.

Injuries associated with an accident may include short and long-term brain, nerve, muscle, spine, orthopedic, and other physical injuries. The injuries can reduce mobility and limit concentration needed for daily activities or work.

Surviving Personal Injury Patients often experience stress related Emotional Trauma connected with companion loss, depression, financial burden, and the ability to interact with family or others.

Personal Injury Patients require an immediate Treatment plan. This is vital to enable a more speedy recovery, reduce condition decline, and reduce potential long-term impact of an injury. The plan must include proper Medical Diagnostics and documentation to support the Medical Treatment and Legal Case.

Personal Injury Attorneys specialize in building successful Personal Injury legal cases to help their clients receive fair and reasonable compensation for their client injuries. This includes injury Treatment debt reduction negotiations with creditors to achieve fair settlement or verdict disbursement of funds, maximizing client case value.

Personal Injury Healthcare Treatment by Healthcare Providers experienced with treating personal injury patients are usually more familiar with injuries associated with collisions, motor vehicle accidents, and blunt trauma. A large portion of these injuries are Orthopedic Musculoskeletal Trauma. These Orthopedic injuries may include head, spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral), pelvis, joints, and extremities.

Personal Injury Healthcare Providers work in many environments including Institutions, Hospitals, Practices, Clinics, Agencies, and Home Care support. Their roles include Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Ongoing Support to promote health, wellbeing, and recovery.