Personal Injury Physicians

Doctors experienced with treating personal injury patients are usually more familiar with injuries associated with collisions, motor vehicle accidents, and blunt trauma. A large portion of these injuries are orthopedic musculoskeletal trauma. These orthopedic injuries may include head, spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral), pelvis, joints, and extremities.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging can help your physician practice by providing quality diagnostic imaging services to help you diagnose and treat your patients.

We reduce your clinical staff burden by ensuring your patient completes the scans before the next scheduled patient follow up visit. We work with your office, radiologists, imaging centers, and the patient personal injury attorney to best coordinate and schedule your patient on the required equipment and at the most convenient location.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging can help increase physician practice revenue by reducing the financial risks associated with personal injury cases. In many cases, we can provide funding and payment within 30 days of treatment of your personal injury patient.

In response to the demand for crucial treatment in personal injury cases, we have tailored a funding solution for many types of medical treatments. Our process is simple and approval for funding can be obtained in less than 24 hours.