Personal Injury Patients

Personal injury patients deserve and require prompt and proper care when injured for both medical health and legal reasons.
Your car accident, slip and fall, or other personal injury received while traveling, at work, or at a place of business can be an instantly life changing event.
Our healthcare network of attorneys, physicians, imaging centers, hospitals, and surgery centers can help you receive the treatment you deserve without delay.
Atlanta orthopaedic imaging has funding solutions for your immediate diagnostic imaging scan if you are uninsured. For the first time, you may need a whole team of professionals to help you through the legal, medical, financial, and emotional impact caused by your injury. The atlanta orthopaedic imaging healthcare network cares and is ready to assist you in your time of need.
Our funding solutions can be a great alternative for insured patients that have insufficient or exhausted coverage, low policy limits, high deductibles, and high out‐of‐pocket expenses.
In most cases, atlanta orthopaedic imaging can fund your diagnostic imaging scan so you can defer payment until your legal case is settled.
Once we receive your doctor’s order for a diagnostic imaging scan, we will get you scheduled at an imaging center facility with consideration of required equipment technology and patient location convenience.
Contact atlanta orthopaedic imaging and speak to one of our team members if you need guidance on how to start your personal injury medical care process.