Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys are challenged with building successful legal cases to help their personal injury clients receive fair and reasonable compensation for damages, and reimbursement for injury treatment in attempt to make their clients whole.

The Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging healthcare network of attorneys, physicians, imaging centers, hospitals, and surgery centers can help your client receive the treatment they deserve without delay.

We can also be your funding solution for most treatments, so your patients can start receiving the proper care immediately. By partnering with us, you can dedicate your efforts in obtaining a fair settlement for your client, while we work on coordinating the treatment.
Case management of diagnostic imaging scan scheduling, coordination with the ordering physician, service completion confirmation, billing, and report document management can take considerable legal administration effort especially when serviced by different locations or companies.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging receives doctor order referrals from attorneys and physicians and keeps both parties updated on order completion status to help reduce scheduling errors and legal administration costs. Our consolidated scheduling and billing process simplifies order administration regardless of imaging center location.

Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging also offers pre‐settlement attorney funding to help the attorney build a stronger case, increase patient case value, and avoid low settlement offers.

Contact Atlanta Orthopaedic Imaging and speak to one of our team members if you need guidance on reducing your diagnostic imaging scan legal administration costs and how to receive pre‐settlement attorney funding.